Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Infinity Scarf

Lookey lookey lookey what I made! 

I have to say I'm pretty excited by this one, and it was so simple! Perfect for spring (even though today was Chicago's first big blizzard of the winter. :-P  )

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bath Towels

Hey peeps!

So let me tell you something.  For our wedding we received beautiful white face/hand towels.  About two months in I made a realization that white towels and men do not mix.  :-P  I love 'em you know but you just can't keep stuff clean. Love ya boo!  Now keep in mind that it has been almost 3 years now and we have yet to buy different towels.....Cause we are just cheap like that.

Newborn Bear Beanie and Diaper Cover

An old boss of mind recently got in touch with me.  As it turns out she is having a baby boy soon and was wondering if I could make her a little picture session outfit for her upcoming bundle of joy.  

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fabric Magnets

It is the little things that make me happy...like pretty magnets on the refrigerator. :-)  
We had accumulated a few over the last couple of years and thought it was time to make things a little more aesthetically pleasing to the ole eyeballs.  I happened to come by a tutorial for Fabric Magnets from Make it and Love it which had such a simple, easy, and fast solution.   

Sunday, February 17, 2013

White Diamond Crocheted Blanket


Joy and rapture!  I FINALLY finished it!  It only took...a whole year.  This really was not a difficult pattern at all but it just took so much longer than I had originally expected (every row took approximately 1 hr and I put in a little over 80 rows).  I would have actually liked to make it bigger but I just wanted it to be over.  :-P  So now it is more the size of a small throw blanket (~ 30" by 52").  Most blankets I've noticed tend to have a more simple pattern and now I know why!   Anywho, I made this lovely from Our Best Baby Afghans .  I have made one other blanket from there and so far and have been super happy with the results.  The yarn I used was Bernat Baby Coordinates - White.  It is a thin #3 yarn which also explains why this took so long.  

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sewing Machine Basics

I know there are a lot of really excellent tutorials on youtube and the like regarding sewing machine mechanics.  However, a couple of friends asked me to make one so here it is.  :-)  Quite technically challenged since I was doing everything with one hand but rather fun anyway. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Yellow Party Skirt and Violin Endeavors

Hey 'yall!

I've tried to make clothing in the past and it always turned up less than ideal.  AKA far too heinous to consider wearing outside where other eyes could see the monstrosity of a piece of cloth that I conjured up together.  I found this tutorial though from Creative spaces.

It looked easy enough and it didn't make you cut those awful circle skirt weird shapes which I have not yet managed to make work out.  A while back I had gone to Jo-Ann's Fabric on one of their 50% off the clearance section days and found this lovely linen type fabric that I thought might work for this.  I ended up being just a little short of what they asked for which is why I think that my skirt looks more "tubular" and less "wavy" but I'm still happy with the result.  I'm learning!  Yay!  Being short, I don't think I can pull off the high waisted shirts very well but we shall see.