Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bath Towels

Hey peeps!

So let me tell you something.  For our wedding we received beautiful white face/hand towels.  About two months in I made a realization that white towels and men do not mix.  :-P  I love 'em you know but you just can't keep stuff clean. Love ya boo!  Now keep in mind that it has been almost 3 years now and we have yet to buy different towels.....Cause we are just cheap like that.

Well the last time I made a trip to Jo-Ann's Fabric store they happened to have one of their 50% off the clearance section sales.  That = my kind of deal.  I found this lovely purple terry cloth that came out to $2 / yard.  So of course, I snatched up 2.5 yrds.  That turned out to be just enough for 6 face towels and 4 hand towels.  I just traced out the size I wanted from towels we already had; adding just a smidge for a hem.  Then I zigzagged the whole edge, folded that over just once and stitched it into place.  And TA DA!  10 new man proof towels for 5 bucks.  Woohoo.  They don't look completely store bought on close inspection but we are happy with the result anyway!

Its just too bad they didn't have turquoise on sale.  ^_^

On a total random note:  I started a rug recently.  It is supposed to be different shades of yellow and green.  This is how it looks so far.  Yay!

Do What Brings You Joy!


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