Monday, March 25, 2013

Piano - Alpine Melody and 1000 Views!

I'm getting better!

Also, it has recently come to my attention that I have passed 1000 views on this silly blog of mine.  Thanks to whoever it is that is reading this! :-)  I heart you!
Now lets make this a little more interactive.  Comment please!  ^_^


~Do What Brings You Joy

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Violin 3/3/13

You may or may not know that I have taken up the violin again.  After about 9 or 10 years of not really taking it out of the case I suddenly came across the will and the time to love it.  :-)  

Of course that process involved me rehairing my bow since all the hairs had decided to explode in those 10 years (I can't blame them).  I debated whether or not I should hop right back to where I was when I left it but decided to essentially start straight back at square zero so that I would be wouldn't be accidentally picking up bad habits.  And really I am glad for the easy songs right now.  Also, my Suzuki books which are phenomenal really are only meant for those who have tutors helping them out and letting them know how things are supposed to sound etc... so that was not going to work.  I still don't have the money or time to shell out to one of those. 


Lavender Pyramid Pouches

I absolutely love details.  I actually get quite caught up in them sometimes.  It is an issue. :-P  But those details can also add a little extra layer of happiness in my day; and this is a great example of how I can go about doing that!  I open up my drawers every morning, but now when I open them up I get a whiff of lavender!  Ahhhhhh.  How lovely.   ^_^