Monday, June 6, 2011

Thoughts of the Day

1 year anniversary (still in love!), 10 days till D-day, then a mini vaca to God knows where.  Then it all starts again with orientation.  I have to say...I love orientations.  They are always so full of promise and excitement.  So full of incredible possibilities.

I am doing a little bit of a better job at choosing to be happy.  And incredibly better (compared to last year) of not being AS stressed out about things.  [e.g. This does not mean I am trying any less.  I am still studying 16 hrs a day...but the point is I am trying the best that I can.  If I don't pass...then I'll change things up and see what happens.  I'm not beating myself up about it (as much).] 

I don't think people appreciate the little things in life nearly as much as they should.  Being stuck indoors with nothing for a companion but an unsightly book for two years really has given me a new perspective.  Going to a store is like nirvana.  I act like a little kid in a candy shop.  Having the blessed TIME to be in the sun!  Oh what a thing it is!  (note that for the past 4 weeks I have stepped out of my apartment a grand total of 2 times...literally.)  Yesterday I managed to wrench myself out and went to Kmart and Bed Bath and Beyond.  (Sitting at home is a dangerous thing.  You start seeing all sorts of things that need to be fixed/changed.) I ended up buying bath towels, a bathroom rug, kitchen rug, towel rack, and a couple other things.  And I had a grand old time! My new bathroom look! -->

Finally people I know are getting married.  It was rough being the first one out the door!  And babies are popping up everywhere (although that does not seem to ever end in my family :-P )

On a related topic, I wish my period was more regular.  It certainly makes it difficult to determine what is going on.  Having a range of 23-60 days is not useful.  Poo.

Flowers and chocolates from my boo.  :-D  Officially the first time I have ever been delivered flowers. *happy dance*
now lets see if I can pass this test.