Monday, December 10, 2012

Pumpkin Coconut Curry with Chicken

Interview season is winding down.  I am incredibly thankful for that because I have gone on 9 already and have 2 or 3 to go.  I already rejected 3 interviews and am debating a 4th.  It is incredibly fatiguing...and don't even get me started on the debacle that was my #3 choice interview that took place at 8am after I had worked all night in the ED and just barely got off of work at 7.  Honestly, I nearly had horrific car crashes about 3 times as I was driving home.  I would wake up swerving and driving at 40 mph.  So bad.  But it was the only time that I had available to squeeze it in!

*sigh* Anyway, it has really taken up most of my free time so I have not been able to do many projects...and those that I have done are not terribly impressive or pretty so I'll not share my project failures with you. :-)  That has not stopped me from continuing to print off recipe after recipe and project after project.  The pile continues getting higher and higher.  And I just bought the most fantastic and ridiculously large amount of beautiful cotton.  I shall take a picture one of these days. 

One of these is a Pumpkin Coconut Curry with Chicken which PB was so wonderful as to make.  He is getting super fantastic in the kitchen department!  My mom even suggested to him that he quit his PhD and start up a restaurant.  (he is not going to, for the record) ^_^  I believe I found it at The Wicked Noodle.  This is absolutely one of our better recipes made to date.  Do enjoy!  It is not incredibly spicy and it of course has Pumpkin in it which as you should all know, I am obsessed with.

Hopefully soon, I can share something more fun!  I have so many things to do!
And just for funzies...Here is our oh so beautiful tree that Yathi and I put together this year.  We are so happy!

Do what brings you joy!
~ G

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