Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vintage Style Apron


I have a knack for starting up a project, getting all the materials together, getting maybe 5-10% of it completed, and then promptly putting it in a plastic bag to be forgotten about for months.  There was a point when I had about 7 of those.  Well, I've been doing a much better job getting through them lately.  One I just entirely gave up on (a dress for my niece.  It was far to complicated in retrospect for a newbie like myself.)  Anyway...the point is that this apron was started back at the beginning of the year.  I finally sat myself down and it took probably.... hmmm 2 hrs?  If you add on planning and cutting from the initial start I would estimate 3 hrs total.  


I found the pattern for Retro fun vintage style apron on the Sew4Home website.  (I promise I look at websites besides this one but I really just needed to finish off already-started-projects.)  Anyway, on this website they have probably a dozen different apron styles, both full and half.  I liked this one because it gives really good coverage, it has pockets, IS REVERSIBLE (yay) and it definitely has a feminine touch to it.  I doubt that this is one that PB will be wearing often.  I think he will stick to his simple straight forward (and very boring) maroon one that my mom got him from a fleamarket. I think this would look very nice even in simple solid colors. 

The pattern was super straight forward and I did not make any changes to it.  Sorry there are not too many pictures.  I'm getting lazy in my old age. 

Other randomness:  at my last trip to a fabric store I found the following fabric.  PB wanted me to buy it an make a bed for our cats.  I vetoed that decision.  I'm not going to be a part of a crazy cat family (yet).   Well...maybe if we had a larger place I would think about it.  It is pretty cute isn't it? ^_^


Both my mom's and sister's birthdays are coming up soon!  I am so looking forward to some Thai food.

School update:  I hate and loathe research with the firey passion of a thousand suns.  Correction:  I hate and loathe statistics with the firey passion of a thousand suns.  The actual data collection and abstract/manuscript writing is really okay.  Statistics make my head go blank and start going into self-preservation mode.  Seriously.  Not even kidding a little bit.  PB can tell you....I fall asleep within 30 seconds (literally) of looking at these numbers.  I need an escape button.

Anyway...if you liked this, loved this, or hated this please do comment.  It is always good to get some critiques on this.  I'm new at it you know! 

Do what brings you joy!


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  1. The apron is gorgeous! The colors, pattern, and vintage style make this really great. You look so cute in it! I would be afraid to wear it. You know how messy I can be when I cook!