Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Car Caddy!


Awesome.  So this only took me 6 months.  o_O  Well to tell the truth I finished it in about a couple weeks but then decided it needed buttons.  The buttons took me 5 months to do. :-P (Don't judge me!  This was my first time making a sewing machine button hole and using a button hole foot [pretty tricky]!)

So this awesome tutorial is another Sew4Home   gem.  The addition I made happened because once I placed it up in the car the top "shelf" was pouching out so much I doubted it would actually be able to hold anything very well.  So a couple buttons I had lying around fixed up the problem super well!

Do you want to know a secret? The black fabric you see in the background and for the ties were the bedroom curtains that came with the apartment left behind by the previous renters.  Who uses black curtains?!?!  Well...since then I've realized that bedroom gets HOTTT in the afternoon when the sun comes in and we only have a window A/C unit in the living room.  So mayyyybe it wasn't such a bad idea.  Hehe.  Oh well.  I rather think this is cuter use of them.

I think the coolest thing about this is are the rings used.  They are actually originally intended to be shower rings!  Crazy right? ^_^  Now I just have to fill it with stuff.  I never sit in the back though... Hmm... Friends!  I must take you places so you can sit in the back of our car! Hustle now!

I am so fortunate that this first rotation of 4th year is essentially non-existent and I'm working with such friendly people!  Today I worked from 9AM to noon.  And then my boss bought me lunch.  I don't have to come in until tomorrow at 2PM.  <-- Seriously.  Not even joking.
*sigh*  I guess I have no excuse now.  Off to go work on my residency application. :-D

If you like this, love this, or hate this then you better comment! Let me know if you make it too!
Do what brings you joy!


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