Friday, April 12, 2013

Grocery Bag

Okay guys, I have to admit I am pretty excited about this one.  I think it looks pretty fantastic if I do say so myself. ^_^

This was another tutorial by Sew4Home called EZ Grocery Bag.  This did take several hours but the largest amount of time actually went to the cutting and marking out of the fabrices (as it always does for me).  

Here it is being modeled by the best-est mommy ever.  :-)  

So instead of buying one of these for who knows how much I managed to make it for..hmm...$2-3 I would estimate.  And there is the benefit of "being green" I suppose. :-)

The dark pink is an outdoor fabric that was bought at Jo-Ann's Fabrics quite a while back originally meant for a chair reapholstering but it changed from a lovely red-orange to a pink in the preliminary wash so it was not going to be good for the original purpose anymore.  I've been looking for something to use it up on for a long time and this seems to be just the thing!  The tree fabric is Haven's Edge Trees Lilac on
I will say that while the bottom is quite strong, the sides are not fortified with stabilizer or a thicker fabric so it "wilts" if standing empty on its own if that matters to you.  There are many other tutorials for grocery totes that are more firm like this double sided fold-away version or this laminated version.  I have even seen tutorials for insulated ones or with extra pockets etc...  However, I thought simple would be best in this case.  The fabric has so much personality!

This is their original version.  So how do you think mine compares?

Anyway, that is my latest project.

In other news, I just found out that our new rental home will have 3 quite large lilac bushes in the backyard that are just starting to bloom so by the time we move in a couple of weeks there should be more evidence of their beauty.  I'm just so excited by this.  I want to move already!   :-)

Do What Brings You Joy!


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