Sunday, February 17, 2013

White Diamond Crocheted Blanket


Joy and rapture!  I FINALLY finished it!  It only took...a whole year.  This really was not a difficult pattern at all but it just took so much longer than I had originally expected (every row took approximately 1 hr and I put in a little over 80 rows).  I would have actually liked to make it bigger but I just wanted it to be over.  :-P  So now it is more the size of a small throw blanket (~ 30" by 52").  Most blankets I've noticed tend to have a more simple pattern and now I know why!   Anywho, I made this lovely from Our Best Baby Afghans .  I have made one other blanket from there and so far and have been super happy with the results.  The yarn I used was Bernat Baby Coordinates - White.  It is a thin #3 yarn which also explains why this took so long.  

But now I can finally move on to my other multitude of projects.  A old boss from my college years recently asked me to make a crocheted newborn hat and diaper cover (you know the ones...those little things you see newborns get their professional pictures taken in).  I've never made them before but I found a couple patterns so I'll have to post it up once I'm done.  The trick is that I'm hoping it will fit in the end.  I have no newborn around to try them on!

Otherwise, the countdown has begun.  A little less than a month until Match Day when I'll know where I will be working for the next 3 years.  We will probably move apartments soon after that.  We booked our tickets for our first Europe vacation in May but we still have to decide on the details of where we will sleep and what we will do.  (eek! You have no idea how excited I am.) and a little after we get back graduation will come around at the beginning of June.  I've been wondering if I should have a graduation party or not.  I'm not sure where we would have it that would hold people well.  We would have to keep it super cheap since we will be needing to buy another car around that time and I really really really really don't want to have it at a restaurant.  (Unless my hope comes true and we are magically able to rent a house with a back yard!  Oh bliss!  Which would be super perfect since it will be June.)  Ideas anyone???

Senioritis has completely set in now.  All my hard rotations are over and my innards are now in full revolt.  My short white coat is definitely no longer white (closer to a brownish gray now on a chronic basis no matter how I wash it) and it is stuffed in a ball in the bottom of my purse.  Ahhh life, my old friend.  How long it has been since we have last seen each other. “Come in, -- come in! and know me better, man!" ~Charles Dickens

~ Do What Brings You Joy! ~


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