Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Infinity Scarf

Lookey lookey lookey what I made! 

I have to say I'm pretty excited by this one, and it was so simple! Perfect for spring (even though today was Chicago's first big blizzard of the winter. :-P  )

I recently went to a fabric store to buy a button. Just a button.  Ha!  Like that was going to happen.  This beauty caught my eye as I was walking by and called out to me.  "Buy me!  Buy me!"  It is a very lightweight half lacy knit fabric.  I was thinking that it would make a great scarf and since it was incredibly wide off the bolt at just over 80" I thought I could get away with working it widthwise instead of buying 80" of length. 

So, I bought half a yard and simply sewed the skinny sides together twice (simple straight and zigzag) and there you go!  An infinity scarf in about 2 minutes.  Since it is a knit fabric you don't need to sew a hem on the long sides.  It won't fray.  Woohoo! 

I think it would have been nicer to be a bit more full.  If I were to do this again with this width of fabric I probably would by 3/4ths of a yard or even a full yard. 

Do What Brings You Joy!


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