Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lavender Pyramid Pouches

I absolutely love details.  I actually get quite caught up in them sometimes.  It is an issue. :-P  But those details can also add a little extra layer of happiness in my day; and this is a great example of how I can go about doing that!  I open up my drawers every morning, but now when I open them up I get a whiff of lavender!  Ahhhhhh.  How lovely.   ^_^

You can find out how to do it via this Lavender Pyramid tutorial from Chichidee Handmade (whose blog by the way is completely adorable).  It takes next to no fabric, is pretty fast to make, and requires a little bit of hand sewing.  I have to admit that there is something about sewing with your hands that just gives me the giggles.  It just takes so long though!  (It used to take me and hour or longer to hem a pair of pants/skirt etc... and now with my machine I can do it in less than 5 minutes.  Much more practical [and neater/straighter] but not nearly as much fun.)
Actually, on that note I think I might go pull out my crossstitch project which I have been ignoring for two years and is currently stuffed in the back of a box somewhere.  :-)

Anyway, I had been looking for loose leaf dried lavender for quite a while around here and wasn't able to find any.  I had been told that I could find it at Whole Foods (and we all know how much I despise going into that store) but it was nowhere to be found.  I finally came across it accidentally in this local new age-y meditation/incense type of store near us.  Those people are definitely kinda out there.  Of course, since then I found Cooking grade lavender  via Amazon and at a much cheaper price that what I paid at this local store.  You can use non-cooking grade lavender for this project of course but if I am going to buy it again I would most likely get this option.  I have come across several recipes asking for lavender which I think would be intriguing!  Breads, puddings, teas.  Yumyumyum!

Speaking of alternative lifestyles, I just recently started my Complementary/Alternative/Integrative Medicine rotation and while I certainly can appreciate and wrap my head around much of the different forms of healing, there are certainly moments that I am getting extremely upset by the occasional blatant disregard/ignorance of scientific findings (ex: A naturopathic professor claiming that vaccines can cause autism.  Don't even get me started on how much research there currently is to say that this is completely unfounded).  And there are definite moments of confusion between correlation and causation.  My main goal however was to learn more about Accupuncture, eastern and ayurvedic medicine, and herbal treatments and I'm really excited about my nearly doubled need-to-read list of books.  There certainly are many other treatment modalities (Reiki, homeopathy, etc...) but for the most part I am learning the proposed mechanisms of action and leaving them be. The learning never ends. :-)

Do What Brings You Joy!


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