Friday, February 6, 2015

A Little Box Up On The Shelf

It is 8:30PM on a Friday night.  The house is quiet except for the distant sound of Kai's sound machine in his room and I'm sitting on my bed when I suddenly realize I am so happy. 
There are piles of clothes in one bed corner waiting to be put away, diapers in the other corner waiting to be folded, there is not a single piece of space on the desk because it is covered in piles of unorganized journal articles / bills / coupons... and yet I am happy.  
I realized two days ago that I have 5 pairs of shoes that have no pair.  In every nook and cranny I find random shoes but no pair.  I have no idea where they are... and yet I am happy.  
The multiple To-Do lists I have for work, home, projects never ever get smaller.  When I finally check one off the list three more take it's place...and yet I am happy.
Nothing is perfect, or even remotely close to it... and yet I am happy.

A little boy at the end of the hall now reliably sleeping through the night giving me ~4 hrs every evening to myself does that.  This little box up on the shelf does that.  

This little box filled with clothes that the little boy has grown out of.  This little box being solid proof that whatever I am doing seems to be working.  Whatever I am doing is helping his little body that used to seem so impossibly small to grow.  

And of course the next thought that I had was that I am a crazy woman. I am clearly going mad.  But I suppose for tonight I will have to be content to be a ridiculously crazy woman who is so happy.  :-) I am so thankful. 

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