Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cafe Vienna

Well.  I finished medical school (yay!), went on my first European vacation, bought my first car, rented my first house, and have graduated.  I am officially Dr. ... M.D.  And yes, I still feel like an imposter.  Orientation for work starts on Monday and while I am very excited and looking forward to actually DOING what I have wanted/trained to do for decades at this point (and kind of super excited about having my first check since my pennies working for Motherhood Maternity and my odd-jobs in telemarketing and flee-markets) I have this awful irrational thought that someone will look at me and say, "Hey, how did you get here?  Sorry there must have been some mix-up in the paperwork.  We did not want you.  You are clearly not qualified."  I can't say I am excited to be working 80+ weeks but there are so many other good things happening in life right now that I can't complain.  I have so much to be thankful and happy for right now.  Life is good.  

I will try not to avoid my violin anymore.  I have just been playing the piano for the past two months.  *sigh*  I probably have to backtrack again.  For some reason, that extra 2 minutes to take the violin out and put it together looks like so much when compared to just plopping down in the piano chair when I have 2 minutes to play.  I like to think that a busy person would understand.  So far people just look at me strangely when I explain that to them. :-P 

Also, I am so excited to meet my new nephew whose name we don't know yet!  Only a few more days till that little German-Indian boy comes into the world!  I can't wait to see what mischief he will get up to.  :-)

Do What Brings You Joy


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