Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Organizing your craft space

So...I've actually been pretty busy.  Surprise, I know.  I'm actually working on so many projects that I have not been able to actually finish any (except for a few which are a surprise that I will comment on somewhere down the road).  I've spent hours on how-to sewing/craft blogs/websites, bought lots of fabric, and now have far far FAR too many projects that I want to accomplish.  I'm not quite sure how I got on this crafty kick but I like it.  That is a lie.  I LOVE it.

In any case.  I wanted to show you how far I have gone in my madness.  Specifically how I have organized my crafty space.  Now our apartment is actually quite small.  We have a lot of stuff, and there simply is not a great amount of space for class I'm afraid.   We stuff things under beds, sky high in closets, anything we can think of to make it at least mildly presentable.  So this is not nearly close to ideal but I'll have to do.  And I do apologize for the picture quality.  This is all from my phone, so bear with me.  

So this was my first major piece of madness.  My very first sewing machine.   The Singer 7258 Stylist Model.  I searched and searched and this one seemed to have the most amount of stuff for the cheapest price while still having great quality outcomes.  It came with so much extra stuff (e.g. presser feet etc...) it is ridiculous.  I also found that Amazon and Target actually both had them at the same price which was cheaper than anywhere else I looked.  Even on sale at the local crafty stores was more expensive.  Amazon's Version.  I bought this on New Years and it was a bit cheaper than listed now but still a good deal.  I've used it quite a bit since then and as of yet I cannot come up with any complaints.  Be reminded,  I'm quite a noob at this. ^_^

Now, where to put all the materials I was accumulating?  Well I hopped on over to target and got myself one of these thingy-ma-jiggers which was just the right size for our tiny place in our bedroom.  And as you can see, already super filled.  I should probably try and figure out some way to further organize it but this is how it is for now. 
You see that mountain of white on the top?  Those were remnant pieces of white fleece I found on New Years day at Jo-Anne's where they were on sale for 70% off the already discounted remnant price!  I was already going there for fleece so you know that I could absolutely not resist.  It was far too good to pass up.  
Then there is my good ole sewing box that I have had since about the 5th grade, a little box for fabric scraps, along the sides are actually foam cushions for the dining chair's reupholstering project that PB swears he will start one of these days. :-P  And behind all of that which you do not see is a giant box that organizes spools of thread that my mom gave me over the holidays.  (Little bit of family trivia:  My mom and dad waaaay back used to own a crafty store so in my mom's attic there still sits boxes and boxes of 20 year old yarn and random things like that.)  So when she heard that I was starting to take this up she gave it to me already completely filled with something like 40 different spools of thread [again, like 20 yrs old but thats okay!]  I love you Mommy!).  

 So the 1st shelf holds all sort of paper products and the like.  Markers, crayons, colored pencils etc... (a random glue gun...why not?)

The 2nd shelf is holding two boxes (which I have opened here) holding ribbon, elastic, velcro, and the other holding buttons that we have started accumulating.  I have started making my own bias tape (if you don't know what that is, don't worry, just ask.  I didn't know what it was two months ago either.).  There is also boning in there (like what would be used for corsets...don't worry, I'm not making that) along with a grid ruler, fabric scissors, and one of those rolly fabric cutters (Totally not the right name but I haven't had my coffee today.  Sorry).

 The 3rd shelf is holding the majority of my fabrics.  You can't see all of them obviously but that white pile is mostly fusible interfacing.  It is a very strange thing, but having piles of fabric takes me to a happy place.  Wierd.

There is more fabric on the shelf (bigger pieces that would not fit).

 And finally the 4th shelf which is mostly yarn and hoops.  My mom also gave me a few knitting needles even though I don't know how.  Its so complicated!  I love crocheting so much more!

So that is where I'm at.  If you have continued until now I commend you.  So no project today, but just thought I would give you a glimpse of the craziness that is me.  And if there is a little crafty person sitting inside you, I hope I can inspire you to find a way to fit it into your life.  You don't have to have a beautifully crafted and specifically designed craft room.  Just a little nook in a corner will do for now.  

~Do what brings you joy~

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